April 19, 2006

Bush Seussed

I've heard that many great comics got that way because they stumbled upon humor as a coping strategy after living through tragedy. Maybe that happens for blogospheres, too.

I'm the Decider:

I'm the decider.
I pick and I choose.
I pick among whats.
And choose among whos.

And as I decide
Each particular day
The things I decide on
All turn out that way. ...

Rummy the Lorax:

Down by the Pentagon, where the crickle grass grows,
Where for years the insurgents have been in their "last throes"
Old Donald Rumsfeld relaxed and kicked back
And thought of the fine job he'd done in Iraq

But despite Rummy's feelings of omnipotent might
Lots of people were dying, with no end in sight
So several old generals rose up in a rage
And their mad diatribes made it to the front page ...

And just because, theme or no theme, you have to admire a send up of the Washington Post's very serious journalism: The Left, Online and Outgrabe:

...He drinks an absinthe and soda. Should it be about Instapundit, whom he calls “Professor Lloyd Christmas”? He drinks another absinthe and soda. Should it be about Vice President Cheney, whom he thinks of as “a poker cheat," or about Michelle Malkin and Bill O’Reilly, “the gifts that keep on giving”? He drinks still another absinthe and soda. Should it be about the Gannon-Abramoff-Allen-Domenech phenomenon, about which he says, “whenever someone goes fishing for shadiness, deceit, and fraudulence in their background, they always land a whale,” or should he compose the next thrilling sequence of Battle-Action Bush and the Keyboard Kommandos?

The Wanker-Wingnut Continuum, he finally decides. He will write about the Wanker-Wingnut Continuum. The shame of it. The culpability of all Americans, including himself, for doing nothing. He will write something so filled with wit that it will accomplish the one thing above all he wants from his writing: to make readers spew hot coffee all over their laptops. ...

As it's said among the peoples of the blog, whether in admiration or mocking derision: Heh. Indeed.

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