April 16, 2006

Forget that merit badge, kid.

Already infamous for kicking gay scouts and leaders out of the organization, the Boy Scouts of America now appear to be monitoring the politics of its members.

According to the AP, a Boy Scout official has warned a Utah scout troop that its participation in an immigration rally breaks the group's rules against involvement in political events.

Members of Troop 987 — made up of 15 Hispanic boys ages 12 to 15 — were attempting to earn merit badges for "Citizenship in the Community," scoutmaster Michael Clara said.

Clara said he received a phone call this week from Vic Rowberry, a Great Salt Lake Council of Boy Scouts of America field director, who said the troop should not have been involved.

"It's disappointing that the council would second-guess our judgment," said Clara, a Utah Republican Hispanic Assembly member who started the troop three years ago.

Kay Godfrey, spokesman for the Great Salt Lake Council, said uniformed members cannot participate in political events or activities that might be "construed as rendering an endorsement for a particular candidate or position."

Clara said he doesn't understand the difference between performing the flag ceremony and staying at the Republican State Convention in August 2005, and carrying and passing out flags at immigration demonstrations. [Empahsis mine]

This magpie can't see the difference, either. Mark down another reason why I don't give money to support the US Boy Scouts.

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