April 15, 2006

Alaska: A Reason To Vote For Maria Cantwell

There are things about Maria Cantwell that bug me, that leave me disinclined to support her campaign or wear a pin for her. I was really hoping that there would be someone credible to challenge her in the primary, not a crypto-libertarian who doesn't believe that the healthcare system needs reforming. Because we all know that a libertarian is a Republican who likes the idea of legal hookers and blow, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Yet I've always known that when it gets down to it this November, that I would have already talked myself into marking my ballot for Cantwell. Why? Well, because for one thing, she's running to be the Senator from Washington, as opposed to the adjunct Senator from Alaska. Ted Stevens was just here in WA to raise money for McGavick and take Cantwell to the whipping post, and I suppose I can only thank him for his transparency in this matter:

... [Alaska Senator Ted Stevens] got a[n ANWR] drilling bill into the military budget, only to have Washington Senator Maria Cantwell and others block it.

... Cantwell is running for re-election. Last December, the Alaska Republican warned anyone who voted against his bill that he would go to their state and tell voters what their senators did.

... Stevens will raise money for Cantwell opponent, Mike McGavick. He's got a pricey fundraiser for McGavick Thursday in Alaska. News reports indicate it could raise as much as $500,000.

McGavick's campaign has estimated at least $100,000 will be raised. And as he promised, Stevens is expected back in Seattle -- next time to campaign.

Yes, Sen. Stevens, you moron, go ahead and remind Democratic WA voters about one of Cantwell's most endearing traits. This state likes wildlife preserves, the great outdoors, and elected officials who reflect those views. McGavick claims to be a 'green' Republican, and one can only presume that he doesn't mean green as in wet-behind-the-ears, but says that he believes drilling could happen in the Alaskan National Wildlife Reserve without environmental damage. I don't know if his personal green journey has been defined by any exposure to science, but unfortunately, biological productivity is pretty dang low when it's cold. This creates ecosystems that take decades to recover from tire tracks that would be gone in your average temperate area in a week.

And be sure while you're at it, Sen. Stevens, to beat it into the heads of this state's voters that Sen. Cantwell defied the energy companies that have their puppeteering hands up your backside. Our main relationship here with Big Energy is that the state got screwed by Enron, an injustice which Cantwell has been fighting against on our behalf and hasn't let go. What is McGavick's position on Enron, do you suppose? Certainly his new Sugar Daddy, Sen. Stevens has a record of accepting Enron contributions, of which you can make what you will.

Even the Republicans know that if the election is about Bush, McGavick will do badly. But I'd suggest that it isn't just Bush, it's the attitude of Senators like Ted Stevens who see a divine right to a bridge to nowhere in their state, that Washington voters don't want to see perpetuated through their ballots. We have a hard enough time getting funding for things that matter and god knows, the world doesn't need yet another wastrel Republican embarassing the hell out of their constituency for the whole world to see. Would we end up with a McGavick 'Viaduct to Nowhere,' replacing the Port Orchard-Bremerton foot ferries with glittering spans of multi-million dollar highway bridges while the rest of the state infrastructure rots? Can we trust him to try to protect Puget Sound from irresponsible oil tanker operators once the campaign is over?

Lastly, Goldy has a picture of McGavick as he drills Alaska for cash and openly stares at the breasts of a very large male executive. And that's just disturbing.

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I'm glad to hear there are reasons to vote for your Senator. Wish she could see that she'd make some great allies if she would spend a bit more time cultivating the Democratic activists in Washington.

Posted by: Mary at April 15, 2006 06:02 PM

First Cantwell has to face a primary challange from an anti-war Democrat, Mark Wilson. Two years ago he ran as a member of the Green Party against Patty Murray.
Cantwell's only vunerability amoung Democrats has been her pro war tendencies.

Posted by: Eric at April 16, 2006 12:09 AM

I too am planning to vote for a senator to represent Washington. I am working to help Mark Wilson win in the primary so that he can go to DC and remind Stevens that Washingtonians not only believe in securing our planet's fragile environment for future generations but that we believe that the only transition plan for Iraq has us transitioning from IN to OUT.

Chad (The Left) Shue

Posted by: The Left Shue at April 16, 2006 08:21 AM

I'll be voting for Senator Cantwell in the primary and the election. I didn't support going to war in Iraq, but as a first term senator I'll cut Cantwell some slack since she followed the (lame) Democratic leadership we had at the time. We'll need every Democratic senator we can get in 2007-8, because the President will still be Bush for 2 more years.

Posted by: Uptown at April 16, 2006 04:35 PM


While I've admired your hard work ever since I met you during the Dean campaign, I can't agree with you on this. Wilson doesn't even believe in a need for real healthcare reform. He's an unimpressive libertarian reaching for votes among disaffected lefties, who currently outnumber those of his chosen ideology in this state. I can't and won't support him, or give him any credence as a candidate.

Posted by: natasha at April 16, 2006 09:42 PM

A Democratic Black Eye

It’s time my fellow Democrats to take a stand! The Washington primary in September will give us an important choice of who will represent us in the United States Senate. Mark Wilson or Maria Cantwell is our choice.

Some say the incumbent (Cantwell) has done this, that and raised so much money. I say “So What!” I want a Senator Like Mark Wilson who will represent the issues that are most important to “We the People!” Elections have been all about money for years and it’s damn well time to change that!

This is “ All well and Good” but if we do not get our representatives in office who will bring public financing to the table and jam it through it will continue to be the vicious cycle which has been going on for years!

Lobbyists and special interests have corrupted the majority of our Congress with money and gifts which shows these recipients to be sellouts to the American people no matter what their party affiliation!

Sure, they make the excuse that they have to fundraise everyday to stay in office to do the public’s business but the reality is most of these public servants never bring up legislation to switch to public financing nor do they promote the idea to their base.

I encourage all who think their patriotism is unquestionable to get involved in the election process in all facets. Look at the Voting records, bills and legislation that they support.
It is your duty as an American Citizen to get involved and become educated in the political process. Knowing how your government works is vital in understanding how laws and legislation help or hurt you as citizens.

An informed public may stop voting for candidates who continuously work for corporations and special interest groups.

An example of what Public Financing can do for you is systemic. Take away the big corporate money and lobbyists then you will have honest Government working for the public, as they should! To hell with lobbying reform just eliminate it period. Lobbying is just another word for bribery! In that case I would consider that practice treason.

I live in Washington State. My United States senators are Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. Both of these Senators are progressive in their voting. Murray at about 87% and Cantwell about 80%. Those are not bad percentages. When you look at the votes and legislation coming from these two senators you might say at election time, “I would vote for them again”.“ Good incumbents are hard to find”. Well you are partially right! Ask yourself the question “Did these two bring legislation to the table and vote for the best interests of the state and country every time?” The answer is no! Shocked, I’m not. We can’t have our way all the time now can we? We can do better!

The Washington State primary is in September in which Maria Cantwell is running against Mark Wilson. Cantwell has raised almost 7 million dollars for her campaign.
I am sure she wont bother to worry about Mark Wilson because she may feel her incumbency trumps Mark or anyone else who may challenge her. Corporate donations and special interest money seem to be what drives Cantwells Campaign. Then of course, she is proud of her voting record. I am not so proud of her record or the fact she is obligated to these corporations and special interests for their huge donations.

Primary elections are to make changes in representation and Washington State should Elect Mark Wilson and send Maria back to school.

Mark Wilson is the person who will represent the average working citizens of Washington State. Mark is concerned with big issues most important to the citizens of our state:
· Bring an immediate end to our nation's ill conceived war
· Protect Social Security
· Oppose: NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO.
· Direct spending to conversion from fossil fuels to renewable energy
· Refocus our troops on national defense
· Enforce air and water quality standards
· Establish a National Peace Academy
· Support basic education, kindergarten through age 20
· Make sure health care becomes the right of all Americans

It’s an easy choice for me. I want a person to speak for me who knows what its like to survive in today’s world. Mark Wilson is that choice! I don’t believe for one minute that a millionaire like Maria Cantwell can relate to me or my needs much less speak on the behalf of the average citizen like Mark can.

Maria Cantwell Voted for the Iraq War, the Patriot Act, NAFTAand CAFTA.
She also voted for confirmation of Condoleeza Rice and John Negroponte and the destructive Bush energy bill and to move class-action lawsuits from state to federal courts.

One of Cantwell’s most heinous actions was to NOT supporting the Democratic filibuster of Samuel Alito then she turned around and took credit for voting against Alito’s confirmation as Supreme Court justice. If that’s not enough to make you gag then I will offer a few more items to induce vomiting. Cantwell voted not to repeal oil and gas tax breaks from the energy bill. To enable the President to place International trade agreements above worker and environmental protections, against a repeal of tax breaks which reward U.S. companies for moving their manufacturing plants overseas!

Is that how you want to be represented? The democratic voters are not behind these positions Cantwell has taken on these issues. She has failed her base and the citizens of Washington State. In fairness to Maria Cantwell, on other issues she has voted progressively. When you weigh the importance of her votes, I would say that the Issues which are getting troops killed, outsourcing jobs, changing the shape of the courts for decades and kicking the rotten Washington Lobbyists out on their butts. Maria fails miserably for the voters of Washington State!

Some have said we need winners in government and I agree. Mark Wilson is the winner we need in Washington who will support the big issues and the Democratic Party! On issues like filibusters, outsourcing of jobs and healthcare for all Mark is who I want standing up for me in Washington. Mark Wilson will not vote out of both sides of his mouth just to please special interests or big corporate campaign donors.

I am sure when we send Maria Cantwell back to the private sector she will be courageous in her support of Mark Wilson and transfer those democratic donations from her campaign to Mark Wilson against Mike McGavick.

Mark Wilson speaks for the Washington citizens and me!


Public Financing will bring real REPRESENTATION to our government.
Lets send all the Washington lobbyists packing back to Exxon, Enron, and the Drug lobby. Et al.

Washington State is a Progressive State. Let’s start voting that way and elect Mark Wilson to show our state is ready to bring the country back to the American People!

Posted by: Ozy at April 24, 2006 02:45 AM

Too bad Mark Wilson isn't a progressive, either. If we can't have two progressive senators, at least we can have a progressive (Murray) and an environmental realist (Cantwell).

Posted by: natasha at April 25, 2006 01:57 AM

Jaxson Oswaldo Cordell Santino Jake Malcolm

Posted by: Gideon at April 25, 2006 05:46 AM

Question: You seem to care about the environment and social justice. How then can you hesitate in voting for Mark Wilson who's running against Cantwell?

I just don't understand.

Posted by: Lanny Cotler at April 27, 2006 09:29 PM