April 07, 2006

And Iran. Iran, So Far Away

It's been said, anonymously under the cover of secret interview, that the Bush administration wants to hit Iran before Junior slinks off into retirement.

Iran has already stated a willingness to see oil prices remain high, a not inconsiderable reminder of their ability to hit us where it really hurts. The U.S. government has, perhaps in response, been planning to give them a big serving of Jehovah's Jell-o Bomb-style mini-nukes. Surely an excellent way to explain to the Iranians that they don't have any need whatsoever for a nuclear deterrent.

Now considering that the Bush administration has given Iran every reason to think that they'd better build a bomb, and fast, it might be nice to know whether or not they were very far towards that goal. It might behoove us to have questions, like ... Who do they have working on it, if anyone? Is there any overlap between their civilian nuclear program, which is geared towards reactors unsuitable for supplying a weapons program, and any secret military research they may be either considering or engaged in? El-Baradei says there's no evidence of such overlap, but admits that there is an atmosphere of confusion and mistrust surrounding the question. Finally, what information or technology have they received from other nuclear powers?

The likelihood that American intelligence has a good answer to any of these questions based on current direct knowledge is apallingly low. Why? Because of the Bush administration.

Two key events facilitated by the Bush administration are likely to have crippled our ability to gather intelligence on Iran even moreso than the military's gay-hunting among military intelligence translators, some of whom spoke Farsi. One was trusting Ahmed Chalabi, the banking criminal who let the Iranian government know that the U.S. had broken their intelligence communication codes, which he must have been told by someone with access to classified information. The other is the outing of Valerie Plame, who was tracking the weapons network passing information to Iran, and the increased scrutiny that anyone in significant contact with her or the also-outed CIA front company she worked for would have been subjected to.

Do you feel safer now?

Update: The Oil Drum notes that the British believe a U.S. attack on Iran is inevitable. Rep. Ron Paul warns of the coming fiasco, begging people to pay attention to the history and not to believe the lies.

Posted by natasha at April 7, 2006 03:30 PM | International | Technorati links |

One way to stop the terrorist acts is to make a list of all the holy sites the Muslims consider important to their beliefs. Then have a summit meeting with all the leaders of the Muslim countries, give them each a list, and tell them they have 60 days to stop the BS, arrest the terrorists, and they deal with them.

If after 60 days, one act of terrorism happens, one of the sites on the list will be destroyed. Second act happens, 2 sites on the list is destroyed. etc, etc.

I would think the leaders of the Muslim countries would then get their act together and stop the flow of money, and the mullahs from preaching hate. It would be worth a try.

Posted by: Joe at April 8, 2006 05:19 AM

We have over 100,000 troops in Iraq..a puppet government...and we have been fighting "terrorists" there for three years now..they are still commiting terrorist acts every day...which shrines should we start nukin?

Do you think the few Muslims on our side would rejoice when Muslim shrines start getting levelled?

Put a lot of thought into that one didn't you?

Posted by: Moose at April 10, 2006 04:35 PM