April 05, 2006

Tom Delay. Heh.

From the Onion's fictitious 'person on the street' section dated Wed., April 5th, 2006:

Tom DeLay Resigns
Amidst mounting accusations and criminal charges of ethics violations, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay announced yesterday that he is resigning from his post. What do you think?

Amanda Marcotte,
Systems Analyst
"What does this man have to look forward to? Some multimillion-dollar consulting position at a mega-corporation? I hope he's on suicide watch."

Moulitsas Zíniga,
Produce Vendor
"I don't know how Democrats will fail to capitalize on this GOP debacle, but I'm sure they'll find a way."

I'm guessing someone's been spending a lot of time at dKos & Pandagon, because those are SO dead on.

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