April 04, 2006

Marching to New Orleans.

Last Wednesday's Newsnight program on BBC2 ran a moving piece on last month's 130-mile march from Mississippi to New Orleans by a group of Iraq veterans opposed to the war [RealPlayer].

Marching to New Orleans

Iraq vets on their march to New Orleans.
[Image: BBC]

It's a very powerful piece of journalism. Don't miss it.

Viewing the BBC video at Bring It On! was the first I'd heard of this march. Funny how, when the US media bothers to cover Iraq vets at all, the stories usually ignore soldiers' opinions on the war or show soldiers who support Dubya's Iraq policies. I guess the fact that so many returning Iraq veterans oppose the war they fought in just isn't news, eh?

Via WB42 5:30 Report with Doug Krile.

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