April 01, 2006

It's Embarrassed by the President Day!

And what better day than April 1, eh?
Embarrassed by the President Day logo
Wear or display a brown ribbon to protest the BS from the White House! Why wear brown, you ask? From the organizers:

Firstly, wear a brown ribbon, button, clothes, whatever, in protest of all the BS coming out of the White House and stinking up the nation. Tie a brown ribbon to your car antenna as an antidote to those snarky yellow ones. Secondly, wear brown to remind the world that these guys (and gals) are nothing but modern-day brownshirts.... Thirdly, because it's true patriotism and love for our Democracy to fight these anti-Democracy SOBs in the trenches, in the voting booths, in the media, and in your own communities at any opportunity.

There's more info at the official website. Make sure to check out the list of sponsors. Heh.

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