March 29, 2006

The time is now.

Shaula Evans has the question of the hour. [Note the placement of the asterisk.]

At what point do we say dictatorship? At what point do we say banana republic? At what point do we reach the tipping point where Americans will stand up and fight* to get their country back?

For those Americans not yet divorced from reality, the ACLU makes a compelling case that the time is now.

Skipping to the very bottom of the post, we find out why Evans thought she needed to use that asterisk:

* Gentle readers, I am an immigrant with an FBI file of my own. Please allow me to very specifically clarify that when I say 'fight,' I mean use every legal and non-violent method possible. And keep in mind that by advocation political dissent and non-violence, in this Republican administration's eyes I have just identified myself as a terrorist.

Think about that.

Think hard about that.

Via Tsuredzuregusa.

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Thanks for the link, magpie.

And I promise you, I *do* think hard about it myself.

Posted by: Shaula Evans at April 1, 2006 01:25 AM