March 26, 2006

Global warming didn't do it.

Nope. I think it was aliens with heat rays. Or anything but global warming, 'cause Dubya doesn't believe in global warming.

Going, going ...

Boulder Glacier 1912 [left] and 2005 {right].
[Photos: George Grant, Greg Peterson]

In 1850, the area now included in Glacier National Park had 150 named glaciers. Today, 26 of these are left. And global warming is the culprit:

In 1997 the U.S. Geological Survey began the Repeat Photography Project in [Montana's Glacier National Park] to compare how glaciers have changed over the last century. Photographers returned to locations where old-timers had taken photos long before they could possibly have imagined their scientific value. Locating these vantage points was the trickiest part of the project, as some required extensive off-trail hiking.

The before and after pictures released this week are dramatic—all that remains of some glaciers are big puddles. Others have simply faded away to expose bare mountainsides. The images were taken at similar times of year under similar conditions.

Based on the pictures and global recession rates, scientists predict that the park will be glacier free by 2030.

And the solution suggested by some right-wingers and apologists for greenhouse-gas producers is that we should just get used to living without glaciers.

That ain't gonna do for this magpie.

You can view a whole series of before and after photos of glaciers in Glacier National Park if you go here.

Via Live Science.

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