March 23, 2006

Ooooooh, shiny!

Mexican cinema lobby cards by Ernesto Garcia Cabral!

Lobby card by Ernesto Cabral

Lobby card for Dos Charros y Una Gitana [Two Cowboys and a Gypsy],
Ernesto Garcia Cabral, 1956.

From Stephen Worth of the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project:

Ernesto Garcia Cabral (nicknamed Chango) was one of Mexico's greatest political cartoonists and illustrators. He studied art in Paris just before WWI, and became well known there as a cartoonist. He returned to Mexico in 1918 and quickly became one of the country's premiere illustrators. He was known for his expressive caricatures, which illustrated the posters for Mexican film comedies throughout the forties and fifties.

Cabral is almost unknown outside of Mexico, but that is changing. A recent book, Cine Mexicano: Posters from the Golden Age 1936-1956 featured some of his best work.

If you find this stuff as interesting as we do, there's more of Cabral's poster art here and here.

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