March 21, 2006

Can Bush Regain the Confidence of the American People?

The story du jour is George W. Bush, lame duck. Now that Bush's poll numbers are in the tank, it is okay to write stories that discuss the troubles that beset the Bush administration. Today's expose is brought to you by Washington Post's Jim Vandhei. Vandhei reported Bush was going to have a hard time regaining credibility now that Bush and his administrations' reports have proven to be so off base.

Newport, whose survey found a 26-point drop in the number of people who find Bush trustworthy since the 2003 invasion, said Bush can restore his standing on Iraq, on his credibility and on other issues by improving his overall popularity -- a feat past slumping second-term presidents have found difficult to pull off. The erosion in the public's support for Bush at a personal level is a striking reversal for a president who for most of his first term was described by the public as a strong and trustworthy leader, especially on national security measures.

Yup, all Bush has to do is to improve his popularity. So how is he going to do that? Go to every bar in the country and offer to buy a round? I wonder if his handlers have ever considered being truthful and open about the situation this country faces. Nah. After all, this is the group that continues to believe that if you say something often enough (if you really, really, really, truly do believe) then it magically comes true. After all as they say, Bush creates reality, right?

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