March 16, 2006

US Isolated on Human Rights

This isn't really a surprise to anyone who paid some attention to John Bolton's confirmation hearing, or to the behavior of the Bush administration, but when it comes to human rights, the US is in a very small minority.

THE UNITED STATES ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, showed his policy-making supervisors in the Bush administration yesterday how completely he has been able to isolate America in that parliament of nations.

Bolton had vehemently opposed an imperfect but workable resolution for a new UN Human Rights Council to replace the current UN Human Rights Commission, which had become infamous for including the world's worst human rights abusers. When the General Assembly got around to voting yesterday, the tally was: 170 countries in favor of the resolution Bolton had rejected, four opposed, and three abstentions. Joining the Bush administration in opposition were Israel, the Marshall Islands, and Palau. ...

Not even Sudan or North Korea voted with the US on this. That's gotta hurt.

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