March 13, 2006

Spreading Dubya's wisdom to the world.

While Dubya will go down in history for the many questionable and downright unsuitable people he's appointed to positions of public trust in the US, it's important to note that the prez's power to inflict his bad judgement doesn't stop at the nation's borders. Oh no. Since the prez gets to appoint each US ambassador, countries around the world get to 'enjoy' the fruits of Dubya's bad judgment.

The latest example is Dubya's nominee to be the new US ambassador to Australia, Robert McCallum. McCallum is currently an associate attorney at the Justice Department, but before that he was an attorney for tobacco giant RJ Reynolds — a combination that's made for interesting conflicts of interest:

In a landmark civil racketeering case last year, Mr McCallum was on a US Government team seeking sanctions against the tobacco industry.

Witnesses said Mr McCallum asked his own witnesses to tone down their testimony to go easy on the tobacco industry.

"We're trying to allow a legal industry to keep going," Mr McCallum said at the time.

Seven Democratic congressmen called for the Justice Department to investigate political interference in the case.

We're sure McCallum will fit in happily with the ethically impaired right-wing lot surrounding Aussie PM John Howard.

Via ABC News [Australia].

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