March 02, 2006

2004 Election Flashback

Remember in 2004, when candidate John Kerry totally put his foot in it by claiming that the Iraq war would be costing us around $200 billion? From FAUX News:

... The $200 billion estimate reflects the campaign's calculation of funds already spent on combat and reconstruction in Iraq, and money anticipated to be spent through next summer, based on congressional reports. The war has cost about $120 billion, according to the White House Office of Budget and Management ...

If only $200 billion was the ceiling on this thing. But oh no:

... President Bush has asked Congress for $72.4 billion to prolong the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This would bring the total cost of the Iraq war to more than $315 billion.

Arlington's taxpayers have contributed $75.5 million to the war, according to the National Priorities Project ( Taxpayers in the 7th Congressional District of Massachusetts have coughed up $618 million. Massachusetts' taxpayers have paid $8.9 billion. For the same amount of money in Massachusetts, we could have funded 1,376,451 people receiving healthcare or 139,383 elementary school teachers. ...

Guess Halliburton needed the money more than America's children or invalids. Too bad we ended up with the presidential candidate who disagrees with most of the public on which group are the greedy, frakking leeches.

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