February 26, 2006

Those commies teaching our students.

They can be pretty hard to ferret before they get a chance to fill impressionable young minds with disrespect for authority and notions of radicalism, subversion, and sexual perversion. Luckily, a group of upstanding citizens have published Classroom Bias for Dummies, which gives all of us an easy-to-use test for finding those socialists and homosexuals who are trying to lead our youth astray.

Teaching style

Citation format: Author, title, place of publication, publisher, year of publication — Biased
Citation format: Book, chapter, verse — Not Biased

Allows students to speak freely — Biased
Allows students to speak about freely about how freedom isn't free — Not Biased

Requires students to raise hands to ask questions — Biased
Requires students to raise hands to hail the professor — Not Biased

You can read the whole enchilada over here at Circle Jerk at the Square Dance.

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