February 18, 2006

Morality Lessons

As Digby says:

Teachable moments like this don't come along every day. Thankfully, we have a gooood man like Dick Cheney to show us how it's done. For instance, the next time somebody accidentally runs over a pedestrian and refuses to talk to police about it until the next day, we should remember that he was traumatized. After all, he witnessed someone get run over right before his eyes and it profoundly affected him. As long as there was no fellatio involved, he is as much a victim as the wounded person.

But Digby missed mentioning that the wounded person should also express great remorse to the perp victim for having made them face such an awful situation caused by the carelessness of that wounded person. And boy, wasn't it stupid of Harry to jump in front of Dick's gun like that?

Now that we know Harry is okay, we can reflect on the trauma Dickie felt about hurting ole Harry. Yes, it truly was a trauma and old stoic Dickie finally broke down and expressed his best wishes for Harry and the family.

Yet what do you suppose caused Harry to worry so much about Cheney? Do you think that Cheney volunteered to pay the hospital bill? After all as Cheney said, they weren't actually friends, just acquaintances. How many other accidential shooting victims express such concern about their shooter's trauma? But as Dave noted, the pattern of those who expose Bushco to embarrassment are often found to apologize when they are shown the errors of their way. So perhaps it isn't so strange after all.

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So why hasn't anyone in the press asked the "Shooter" (or McClellan) whether and when he intends to go hunting again? And of course, we'll really want to know who's risking his life going with him.

Was Cheyney so traumatized (meltdown) that he won't hunt again. Then can't we ask about this mental state? And if he will, can't we ask in advance what he learned?

Posted by: Pilot at February 20, 2006 12:18 PM