February 17, 2006

Question for Cantwell

Republicans intend to push new bills to lift the moratorium on coastal drilling. This is an issue that Cantwell has staunchly opposed and it has been speculated that she's traded votes to the GOP (not always bad in itself, but ...) to protect the environmental issues on which she has maintained a sterling record.

Thing is, it's just never over with them. Drilling in ANWR wasn't even that popular among Senate Republicans, but the coastal drilling issue is raising its head again and it's hard to say how it will shake out when the natural resource zones in question aren't rare national parks.

So I've got to know if she thinks it's worth it. Alito gets a free pass with 'broad, bipartisan support,' along with a permanent SCOTUS appointment, and the Republicans can continue pushing to destroy what's left of our unspoiled national heritage every time they feel like adding it to new spending authorization. What are they going to demand trading a vote on next time in order to be 'convinced' not to sell our future to the highest bidder? They don't see any signs to spur them to responsibility in trends of accelerated glacial melting that are now making yesterday's pessimism into today's wishful thinking.

Meanwhile, the party that can usually be convinced to give a damn about the environment is publicly weakened by having its positions and principles so easily abandoned by their members that they lend credence to the story that Republican positions are, in the main, moderate. There is nothing moderate about rewriting our laws to retroactively approve illegal spying without judicial oversight. There is nothing moderate about sending us to war with lies and further imperiling our national security in a reckless bid to smear the truthtellers. There is nothing moderate about having to be 'convinced' over and over that it's a bad idea sell our future climate stability, a key factor in our ability to feed ourselves, to profit the wealthy and perpetuate wasteful behavior.

Is there, in fact, any provable headway made anywhere by trading on the big issues with the GOP for one-off stays of execution elsewhere?

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