February 16, 2006

Death, Destruction and Despair

The drought in Somalia is so bad that some Somalis have been reduced to drinking their own urine to avoid dying of thirst.

Terrorists are running free in North Africa, which has been giving China a great opening to swoop in and help in return for access to natural resources.

A second bird flu fatality in Iraq. We should really hope that the flu doesn't make the full jump to being transmissible between humans in Iraq, because the infrastructure fund that was supposed to prepare them for public health crises and other civilized niceties like that is light about $8.8 billion. Not that it would be any better for it to surface in Niger or Nigeria, though for now, it only seems poised to decimate the food supply of already impoverished nations.

50,000 Algerians are homeless after heavy rains destroyed their refugee camps.

Two million Kashmiris are still living in tents this winter after last year's earthquake.

Rival Somali groups engaged in deadly gunfire in neighboring Ethiopia.

3 million Colombians still displaced in the country's ongoing civil war, a conflict that began in 1964 and has never abated.

Poor sanitation and heavy rains have started a cholera epidemic in Guinea Bissau that has affected around 15,000 and killed 280 people. Cholera is apparently readily treatable with modern medicine and relatively preventable with appropriate water treatment.

Violence in Pakistan surges with 3 days of violent protest accompanied by the burning of foreign businesses and terrorists murder 3 Chinese engineers by Baluchi separatists.

A Florida teen died after being put in restraints in a teen 'boot camp,' where he'd been judged uncooperative because he couldn't catch his breath well enough to run. It's supposed to be okay somehow because he died of sickle-cell anemia, which is to say medical neglect on the part of those entrusted with his care, instead of blunt force trauma.

And across that backdrop, Christian Dominionists in this country believe that God's work these days should be all about calling for the execution of gays and ob-gyns who perform abortions. What miserable, sorry excuses for human beings these shriveled, unfeeling, self-righteous hominid-shaped viruses have proved themselves to be.

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