February 14, 2006

What if (name) had shot a guy?

Steve Gilliard has found an article written by a plastic surgeon about what being 'peppered' in the face by a shotgun does to a person. Over at dKos, thereisnospoon suggests that the story is the perfect Bush regime metaphor, which will guarantee it a long life in the press. Too bad for Cheney that he doesn't seem to have spent enough time in gun safety training, a problem he might not be facing right now if he hadn't gotten all those Vietnam-era deferrments.

Much commenting in various places has wondered what the reaction would be if some Democrat, like say John Kerry, had done this. That's a good question, one to which I think we all know a close enough answer, but here's another: What if the shooter (and finally, Cheney has proved himself willing to pull the trigger himself) had been any black or latino politician or racial justice movement leader?

Can you imagine the comments that would fester at the Free Republic? At Little Green Footballs? The sideways suggestions that so-and-so had surely spent too much time growing up in the ghetto. That gangsta culture and the poison of rap and hip-hop was invading yet another sphere of public life. The inevitable photoshop of the firearm safety-challenged pol with their face pasted onto the body of an entertainer dressed as a pimp or street thug. The characterization of the political group they belonged to as a street gang. Don't even try to tell me that my bland scenario wouldn't have been exceeded within an hour of the story breaking.

So, what's on the Freepi menu regarding the "Cheney's Got a Gun" (good gravy, but I love The Daily Show) story? A Knight Ridder article entitled "Cheney's companion at fault in shooting, White House says," which was veritably pushed off the page by all manner of stories at the time of this posting. Among those stories were three about former Vice President Al Gore who by all accounts, if you can believe it, is travelling around the country and sometimes the world ... brace yourself ... sharing his views with public audiences and participating in the making of a documentary about global warming.

If Al Gore had shot someone in the lamest hunting accident in history, it would be jeers about how awkward he's always been or rumors that it was political payback. It would be bad press to be sure and you'd have Republicans cracking jokes about needing to duck every time they heard his name, but I'm inclined to believe that if Barack Obama or Al Sharpton had done this, the wingnuts would have been calling for jail time and making racial slurs within the hour. Because some of us are more equal than others, just for the hell of it.

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The victim is a lawyer. Wonder how he likes being blamed? :)

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Found you surfing. Nice blog, your header says it all.



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