February 03, 2006

Are we seeing the end of democracy in the U.S.?

From this article by lawyer Martin Garbus over at the Huffington Post, it's obvious that this magpie isn't the only one worrying about that question:

No president in over 200 years of our history has ever before claimed the "unitary powers" that Bush claims are his. Not President Lincoln during the Civil War, not President Wilson during World War I, not President Roosevelt during World War II, not President Truman during Korea, and not Presidents Johnson and Nixon during Vietnam.

Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and James Madison all saw the danger -- they never arrogated that power to the presidency.

Alito and Roberts, Thomas and Scalia, claim it, Bush claims it. Kennedy, who said in Bush v. Gore the Court was reconsidering the design of the government, will surely go along. [...]

What does "unitary powers" mean? It means that if the President alone decides that the country is faced with what he alone defines to be a critical problem, his authority is unchecked. In other words, he decides where the powers lies in the Constitution -- he decides the contour of his power. This sounds more like a monarchy, more like authoritarianism than a democracy.

The taking of this power is not a coup d'Útat because the people today have the power of the vote in 2008. But it is dangerously close on that path -- the Founders recognized the danger of a too-powerful President.

The Bush Administration told us it does not deal with reality -- it creates reality -- Bush has created a legal fašade allowing him to create his own world and then react to it as he chooses. Unfortunately, we are all dragged into his make-believe world with its make-believe legal system.

Thanks to Gordon.Coale for the pointer.

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this is a coup...and has been, since 2000. the power is only getting solidified as opposition,,,good americans....think \, 'it can't happen here' and 2008 vote can set things straight. the 2002 vote was a vote about war and fear....2004 was also stolen-fraud, 2006will be undone...note libby trail is after the election.......fascism is in full swing and few are willing to admit what their eyes see.
i was born in germany...it can and is happening here

Posted by: chris at February 3, 2006 08:12 PM