February 03, 2006

News, Side of Snark

Preemptive Karma: The US military is close to breaking under the strain of deployment to Iraq, in a novel use of the 'doing more and more with less and less' philosophy that would surely have Buckminster Fuller spinning in his grave. The crust of the divisiveness debate over the filibuster of someone who believes that the executive branch is a law unto itself. In case you missed the memo, 'centrism' is meaningless by now.

Pandagon: Even with its few drawbacks, a fine discussion of why The Pill is still the best invention ever, with a side of why saying that things are 'unnatural' is a pointless exercise in verbal wankery. Also, housework and the invisibility of privilege.

Shakespeare's Sister: Linked by many, a snappy quote about a guy who's been disproving white supremacist myths since 1964. The real causative factor for scholastic success probably isn't gender based but instead depends more on good habits, as I could have already told anyone who'd bothered to ask. Boehner's PAC ratings.

Obsidian Wings: Fighting the misuse of economic statistics.

War and Piece: Muzzling science sounds like the work of dictators, but it's just a pleasant hobby for our Republican overlords. Don't look now, but we're being blessed with new domestic spying headquarters for our major foreign intelligence agencies, which adds greater urgency to the question of whether or not I get to freak the hell out yet. About the yellowcake forgeries, they knew.

Daily Kos: In the stupid Republican tricks department, we get a Colorado candidate who wears a costume uniform he didn't earn while campaigning for governor. Boehner won the tainted House majority leader sweeps, but though this K Street guy is being touted as the face of change, he's just more of the same. Someone in the White House has been tampering with evidence, while their frontman recently unleashed a torrent of bull about their energy policy.

Juan Cole: The US started Iran's nuclear program in the 70's under President Ford, as pointed out by a guest editorial that much more eloquently and substantively blows away myths about nuclear Iran than my own previous post. Bush and Blair would have gone to war anyway, no matter what the UN did or didn't do regarding Iraq. Ten things that Bush failed to mention in the SOTU and stupid comments about Iraq that found their way in. What a real energy policy would look like if the administration was serious about decreasing dependence on foreign fuel.

Electrolite points to a post from Michael Berube on academic freedom and one from Digby on the sin of 'pandering' and a good argument for not being down about the Alito confirmation. (Yeah, okay, point. But I still reserve my right to be irritated as all hell about Sen. Cantwell's no vote on the filibuster.)

Firedoglake points to what may be (whether you're keenly interested in the Oscar nomination subject matter or not) the funniest smackdown ever.

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