January 30, 2006

Only 25

Only 25 Democrats supported the filibuster motion against Alito. Washington State's two Senators acquitted themselves as it has been reasonable to expect from their past behavior.

Sen. Murray showed herself a true blue Democrat and a strong friend of progressive values. Sen. Cantwell once again came out as the rainy-day Dem she's been on so many votes. Cantwell was wrong on Iraq, she's been wrong on trade and now she's proved herself wrong on justice.

Sorry, Senator Cantwell, but I can't support you anymore. Your primary opponent will be getting my vote. This state is good territory for strong Democratic elected officials. It's good territory for women running for office. Voters here are strongly pro-choice and outraged by government invasions of privacy, particularly considering that a good many of our state's Republicans are more libertarian than conservative. It's a state that voted decisively for John Kerry to be the one picking Supreme Court justices and you, Senator, represented your constituents poorly today.

Posted by natasha at January 30, 2006 08:23 PM | Law/Justice | Technorati links |

In a way I'm glad Cantwell voted against the filibuster. It may be the final nail in her coffin. I, too, will be supporting Wilson in the primary. I am sending a check for $100.00 to his Campaign today. Glad to see this blog is now working against Cantwell. On to check out the rest on the portal.

Posted by: Samdinista at January 31, 2006 09:29 AM

Gee, with Dems like Cantwell, why worry about Republicans?

Posted by: The Rambling Taoist at January 31, 2006 01:11 PM