January 25, 2006

Checking In

Hey there. So, the cold I thought I had last week was probably caused by an abcessed tooth which deteriorated from Friday (hmm, better make a dentist appointment) to Sunday (get me to the ER) at an astonishing pace. I'm now loaded up on painkillers and antibiotics, waiting for the swelling to go down enough to be worked on.

I've got a constant mild headache, so reading or spending much time on the computer is kind of out. If you want to click on the tip jar to contribute to what will surely be an alarming dentist's bill, that would be much appreciated.

What I'd like even more though, because I haven't actually dropped off the face of the earth yet, is for each of you to ask your Senators to filibuster Alito. That man is the grinning face of fascism. Sided with the far right in 90% of his decisions, wants to overturn Roe, doesn't believe in the right to privacy (on which the right to contraception and many other fine things is based), doesn't believe in an accountable executive, has proven in the past that he will say anything to get hired and/or advance the far right cause.

Let's be clear: No Senator who disagrees with Alito's views on choice or the power of the executive branch should be allowed to get away with letting him slip through without the hardest fight they can muster. He's going to get appointed to the legal body that in this country has the very most say over those things, the court that has the most power to affect them. This is when it counts. Make those phone calls.

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