January 08, 2006

More GOP Scandal Machine

With the expanding GOP corruption scandal, I've been docoumenting how the current crop of leaders (Abramoff, Reed, Norquist, DeLay, etc) have been building a machine that has led to such a miserable government. The K Street Project has been the method they are using to build their machine and the founders of this group have been quite proud of what they were building. But, Dave Johnson reminded me that this system isn't really anything more than a refinement of the RWNM (Right-Wing Noise Machine) that the Republican Party has been building for over 40 years now.

To see the deeper roots to this scandal, you really should read Dave's two pieces on what the Abramoff affair is exposing.

Abramoff Indictment Hides Connection to RWNM

Abramoff and the Conservative Think Tank Racket

And note that he warns that under Bush, the real root of the scandal, the funding of the machine through the non-profit foundations, will be ignored as this would cut too deep into the Republican funding machine.

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