January 04, 2006

Democrats Need To Strike Before the Republicans Punt

The Abramoff scandal has definitely awakened the Republicans to the danger they are in. But will the Democrats be able to capitalize on the Republican problems? Not if they sit just back and hope the affair doesn't tar too many Democrats.

One Senate Republican aide, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Republicans soon will unveil ethics reform legislation in an effort to blunt criticism from Democrats that they have fostered a "culture of corruption" in Washington.

If the Democrats don't figure out how to make the point that the Abramoff affair is the result of electing Republicans because they don't care about governing, they only care about power, then the Republicans will find a way to convince enough people that "everyone does it" and they are the real party of reform.

Senator Reid, where is your Senate proposal for weeding out the corruption?

BTW: Kudos to the LA Times for the excellent article about this scandal. They clearly reported that this was the result of the K Street Project, that it was the Republican way to gain power, that Tom DeLay and Bob Ney were seen doing things for Abramoff's clients that were far away from their own constituents concerns thus illustrating that this was an example of pay-for-play system and that it shows how the system has been corrupted and that it's not just a case of some bad apples. Very nicely done, indeed.

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