December 30, 2005

Even Their Websites ...

Is there even one aspect of this administration that colors inside the lines? Apparently not:

... It started as a discovery by Richard M. Smith, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based software security specialist, who noticed that the National Security Agency web software was downloading long-term cookies to surfers’ computers (see NSA Caught Serving Cookies).

Since then Mr. Smith and the Associated Press have taken off on a kind of “doorknob-testing” mission to discover which arms of the U.S. government may not be living up to the rules and regulations pertaining to the use of cookies.

On Thursday, Mr. Smith and the AP informed the White House that its web site has been issuing cookies in a manner that most likely contravened an Office of Management and Budget ban on the use of such technology. ...

It's claimed that this isn't that bad, but that isn't really the point, is it.

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