December 27, 2005

Who's winning Dubya's 'war on terror'?

Columnist Robert Steinbach of the Miami Herald thinks that the winner may well be fear. And, says Steinbach, the fear of terrorism whipped up by Dubya's administration is enabling the prez and his minions to destroy the US that existed before 9/11.

Bush would have us excuse his administration's excesses in deference to the "war on terror" — a war, it should be pointed out, that can never end. Terrorism is a tactic, an eventuality, not an opposition army or rogue nation. If we caught every person guilty of a terrorist act, we still wouldn't know where tomorrow's first-time terrorist will strike. Fighting terrorism is a bit like fighting infection — even when it's beaten, you must continue the fight or it will strike again.

Are we agreeing, then, to give the king unfettered privilege to defy the law forever? It's time for every member of Congress to weigh in: Do they believe the president is above the law, or bound by it?

Bush stokes our fears, implying that the only alternative to doing things his extralegal way is to sit by fitfully waiting for terrorists to harm us. We are neither weak nor helpless. A proud, confident republic can hunt down its enemies without trampling legitimate human and constitutional rights.

Ultimately, our best defense against attack — any attack, of any sort — is holding fast and fearlessly to the ideals upon which this nation was built. Bush clearly doesn't understand or respect that. Do we?

The full column is here. It's well worth your time.

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