December 17, 2005

Corruption, Republican Style

Franklin Foer sees that the Abramoff corruption case is one that has infected most of the Republican body politic. Back in May, he had written about how many of the conservative pundits rallied to causes that didn't seem to have much connection to the Republican agenda except they were causes that were backed by Abramoff's clients. Today with the revelation that Doug Bandow admitted writing opeds for Abramoff's clients because he was getting paid to do so (an admission that has led to his having to resign from CATO), Foer resurrects his reflections from May:

It's one thing to imagine that politicians, with their need for campaign cash, could be swayed by a lobbyist. Journalists and intellectuals, on the other hand, even those who admit their ideological predispositions, aren't supposed to be so susceptible to influence-peddlers. Abramoff, however, proved otherwise. He understood how the universe of thinkers and activists associated with the Republican Party operated, how to manipulate them with ideological buzzwords, and how to influence them with access and money. Jack Abramoff didn't just corrupt Tom DeLay. He helped corrupt the whole conservative movement.

Yes, the corruption had spread throughout the conservative movement. As I wrote last week:

It is clear now that the tactics and the philosophy of power at any cost has created a government made of people who are disconnected from the foundations of what humans agree is moral. Today's Republican party (the Party that Rove built) cannot be trusted to govern our country because they have lost their souls in their deal with the devil.

This Republican party has created a culture of corruption, indeed, a culture of lawlessness that is unprecedented in our history. The entire Republican leadership, starting with Bush, must be impeached.

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impeachment must happen: king george, cheney, rumsfeld. high crimes have occurred and continue. the 4th amendment discarded, treaties discarded, geneva convention. corruption, and killing. tell congress to impeach

Posted by: chris at December 17, 2005 11:20 PM

Better yet - gather a few friends and visit your Republican Cogressperson or Senator, with a video camera to record the event.

Ask the person directly - "Do you support President Bush's actions circumventing FISA?" If they don't immediately say it was wrong, ask them if they believe in the 4th Amendment. Tie their answers to whether or not they believe in the validity of the Constitution.

If they say Bush was wrong, their funding will dry up. If they say he was right, you now have a videotaped club with which to smash them repeatedly over the head (and to take to local TV media outlets).

Nuff' said.

Posted by: palamedes at December 18, 2005 10:58 PM