December 05, 2005

Connecting the Crooks

A few weeks ago, Josh Marshall opined that the swirl of independent corruption scandals would end up being different aspect of the same gigantic corruption sink hole. Well, golly geeze, look at the post that Laura did today.

Pushing on Rep. Duke Cunningham's connections (he just pled guilty for taking bribes from defense contractors), she finds that one of the longtime buddies of Cunningham is Brent Wilkes, who is a bigtime defense industry lobbyist. Brent has some interesting friends of his own, including childhood buddy, K. Dusty Foggo, who was named the current executive director of our newly reformed CIA by Porter Goss. Brent made a whole bunch of his connections to the big players in Washington when he accompanied them to visit the Contras during the 80s where his good friend Foggo was working in the CIA with the Contras. Obviously, it is a very good thing to have a some excellent contacts into the government (CIA as well as Congress) if you want to make a personal fortune as a defense industry hog.

Then again Jason Vest reported that Wilkes had another good connection with Ed Buckham, a particularly well-connected lobbyist who started the Alexander Strategy Group, whose claim to fame was that he once was Tom DeLay's chief of staff. And not too long ago, it was revealed that Buckham had connected DeLay and Jack Abramoff. In fact, Tom DeLay's infamous trip to Scotland that Abramoff put together was paid for by his ex-chief of staff, Ed Buckham and Abramoff. And don't forget Michael Scanlon who was deeply implicated in the scandals before he turned states witness.

If you want to have your head spin with keeping up with all the nefarious creeps, checkout Lou Dubose's piece that adds in a bunch more of the crooks including Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist. It looks like Jesse Lee will have to work hard to add in the new members and links to his House of Scandal graph.

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