November 30, 2005

We weren't going to post about Dubya's 'Plan for Victory' speech.


As we expected, Dubya didn't say anything in his speech that we didn't already know. And the administration's new strategy document contains the same old stuff — just jumbled around a bit so it will look new — so we didn't see any need to blog at all. We'd just be repeating ourselves. And, unlike Dubya, we have better things to to than repeat ourself.

But taking cheap shots is an entirely different matter, and the administration's penchant for 'catchy' slogans and disciplined messaging has given us a cheap shot we just can't resist.

In mid-November, we noted at Magpie that Dubya's message about Iraq had slipped a bit since the war's early days:

What's that message, again?

May 1, 2003 [AFP] and November 11, 2005 [Eric Draper/White House]

With Dubya's speech today, the slippage is so big that even a Republican would be able to see it.

I have a plan, honest!

Dubya shows how much things have deteriorated in Iraq since his 'Mission Accomplished' speech in 2003.
[Photo: Paul J. Richards/AFP]

Maybe the next time around, Dubya will deny that the US has troops in Iraq, and blame all the bad war news on the fevered imaginations of critics who hate America.

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Groggily listening to his highness's speech this morning, fighting the urge to roll my eyes, fighting anger and nausea, an inventive spirit took hold:

I'd like to manufacture and market a "Wind-up, Talking Bush Doll". It'd be about GI Joe size, with a bit over-sized head. You'd wind the doll by its head, (imagine that), (oh ho, love that, wrih-wrih-wrih wind-wind-wind), stand it up and the head slowly revolves and he says "Gnar-gnar-gnar Merika!" "Gnar-gnar-gnar 9-11". "Gnar-gnar-gnar Hard work". Each revolution of his head ends by stopping, 'pops-up' a notch, eyes flash red like a bike light, and then some applause sounds. Get it? Get it? Aaaaaaaahhh!!!!

You laugh now! This is funny stuff! ha ha!!!
Haaaaaahh - Haaaaaahh!!! Ha Ha Ha!! Hee Hee!! Oh, that was good! Oh yeah yeah. Oh. Aaah. Ohhh.

Thinking it over, it's likely that the doll will probably suffer from broken neck damage within days of purchase. Oh well.

Posted by: Wells at November 30, 2005 09:53 PM

Great idea, Wells. However, I must admit, if I had the doll, it probably would be malfunctioning in hours, not days.

Posted by: Mary at November 30, 2005 11:29 PM