November 22, 2005

Most Favored Nation

I live in a country that uses flesh eating chemical weapons to fight guerrilla forces mixed in with an urban civilian population. This story was reported on sites like Rense, widely deemed not credible, at the time it occurred. God only knows, no one wanted to believe it, but here it is. This, of course, is the Kevin Drum moment when one realizes for once and all that no one is too much of a wingnut or a moonbat not to engage in information snobbery, and that eventually it will put you in the wrong. One way or another.

A former aide to Tom DeLay has admitted to conspiring to bribe public officials. I live in a country where such behavior has reached the highest corridors of power, or maybe it just never got sufficiently outed. At least someone might finally go to jail for it and with any luck it will be one of the selfsame sanctimonious bastands who keep telling people how frakking morally pure they are.

In this country, it's tax deductible to donate to someone who equates being gay with a mental illness in the course of providing what is alleged to be a public service. Rick Mathes, feel free to go orally pleasure the livid dong of a musting elephant.

This country's journalists think it's strange that someone from an even more uptight and repressive culture might not want to speak on camera about being sodomized in captivity.

The country we liberated can't come up with anything better to make a living from than finding a legal market for their opium crop. Maybe the moral perverts that run America's big corporations could come up with a better solution for them if they could figure out a way to make it obscenely profitable and exploitive.

I'd focus more on the sins of other countries, but I don't live, vote, or pay taxes to any of those other countries. They can explain themselves to somebody else, or to somebody who has more time. I'm two weeks away from the end of term and can't be bothered to muster more outrage than is required to snarkily regard the behavior of those closer to home. Thpbfffft ;P Though admittedly, having escaped cubicle hell for the time being, I really shouldn't complain.

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