November 15, 2005

Back from the Land of the Living Night

Sorry for the light posting the past couple of days. I was off in that city that never sleeps, Las Vegas, for a conference. What a strange place that is. A city that wastes water while living in the desert. It is the perfect symbol of conspicuous consumption. And living dangerously. Every building, every walkway, every restaurant seems to be setup with slot machines and smoke. Smoke that will be in my clothes and in my suitcase for a very long time despite the smoke-free room.

So what does one do when not a gambler and also not willing to pluck down a hefty chunk of change for a show after a day's of kibbitzing with the customers and partners? Why, one should go hear and dance to the lively Irish Music at the Nine Fine Irishmen bar in the New York, NY casino. The Ri-Ra is the Nine Fine Irishmen house band and have a lively and talented group. Featuring a champion of Irish dance, Sharon Lynn, and a great fiddler, Alana Musselman, great guitars, drums and fine Irish singing, they have carved out a niche in Las Vegas that is known as one of the best shows on the strip. It was a fun way to spend some time as the thrilling dance and fiddling made me forget about the smoke and the nights that never end. Boy, does morning come early in Las Vegas.

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