November 10, 2005

The G.O.P. opens gay-bashing season again.

Given the bad day the Republicans had on Tuesday, losing two major governor's seats and numerous mayoral elections around the US, we were just waiting to see how long it would take until the GOP started scaring the country with the perils of rampant homosexuality. Nothing like a bit of gay-bashing to firm up that base, and scare some fence-sitters back into the fold.

And, sure enough, a US Senate subcommittee has taken the first step in moving a constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage toward a vote by the full Senate. Right-wing GOP senator Sam Brownbeck of Kansas led the effort to get the measure approved. [Brownbeck, not so incidentally, is considering running for president in 2008.]

We think it's important to note that 'moderate' Republican Arlen Specter provided the deciding vote to get the anti-gay measure out of the subcommittee, saying that he opposed the measure but thought that it shouldn't be 'bottled up' in the subcommittee.

Yeah, right.

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Well, you know how it is, it's all the gays fault. A weak-kneed, unbalanced economy? Blame the gays. Societal decay? Gays. Terrorism? You know bin Laden must be gay. Shit, every progressive is gay when you get right down to it.

Posted by: Scott at November 11, 2005 12:15 PM