November 09, 2005

The dirty details of the lawsuit against Fox News.

You may already have seen the news that the US Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a sexual harassment suit against Fox News. In the suit, the EEOC alleges that Fox fired several female employees after one of them complained about discriminatory behavior by a Fox vice president, Joe Chillemi.

Press reports about the EEOC suit say that Chillemi allegedly used obscene and vulgar language to describe women and their body parts. However, the details contained in the suit are far more graphic:

Defendant Fox, including through its Vice President Joe Chillemi ("Chillemi"), sexually harassed and subjected Weiler and a class of similarly situated female employees to a hostile work environment because of their sex. Chillemi routinely used gross obscenities and vulgarities when describing women or their body parts (referring, for example, to women?s breasts as "tits" and declaring that something was "as useless as tits on a bull"). He routinely used obscenities and vulgarities with women employees that he did not use with male employees (such as telling women that they had put his "cock" or "dick" "on the chopping block"). Chillemi routinely cursed at and otherwise denigrated women employees and treated them in a demeaning way (including telling women not to be a "pussy" but to "be a man", and referring to women as being a "bitch"). He made a number of derogatory comments about pregnant women (such as regularly stating that a pregnant woman had "tits" that were "fucking huge" and like "cannons" or "melons" and the on-air talent?s breasts needed to be "covered" or not shown when the pregnant woman was being filmed). In addition, at a department discussion about a segment on sexism in the workplace, Chillemi said that in choosing who to hire "if it came down between a man or a woman, of course I?d pick the man. The woman would most likely get pregnant and leave." Women in the Fox Advertising and Promotions departments supervised by Chillemi were also referred to in a derogatory way by a supervisor as his "Promo Girls."

Why doesn't it surprise us that a male manager at Fox would have these sorts of attitudes about women?

You can see the entire lawsuit here [PDF file].

Via AP and Raw Story.

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