November 02, 2005

Can Bush Rebound?

Bush's poll numbers are in the pits - partly because of all the unlucky things that have been happening lately. Indeed, Bush has had a run of bad luck in the number of deadly hurricanes that have tested his administration and it is true that the sheer enormity of these natural disasters would have stressed the most capable administrations. However, there is no discounting how much Bush has been responsible for the state we are in due to the incredibly bad decisions that he has made. Do Americans realize how responsible he is for the mess we are in? Or do they think he is the victim of some unfortunate circumstances?

Well the Republican punditancy is convinced that George has staying power and that people will be wooed back into the camp of Bush fans.

The building blocks of President Bush's career _ his credibility and image as a strong and competent leader _ have been severely undercut by self-inflicted wounds, leading close allies to fret about his presidency. They say he's lost his way.

These senior Republicans, including past and current White House advisers, say they believe the president can find his way back into people's hearts but extreme measures need to be taken. Shake up his staff, unveil fresh policies, travel the country and be more accountable for his mistakes _ these and other solutions are being discussed at the highest levels of the GOP.

That's right. These people think that George's misfortunes can be papered over and people will once more see him as a strong capable leader. They must not think much of the American public if they believe that. They must think that the American public are like their lapdog toadies in the press: willing to take the latest and greatest garbage pushed by the likes of Drudge because they believe the Republican party and their leaders are the oracles on high and speak the ultimate truth. And Bush's people are convinced that Americans will believe Bush is the savior incarnate come to lead America to Heaven's promised land.

Well, let me tell you this is wrong. Most people resent being lied to and of being made fools. They might not yet believe that Bush lied us into a war, but they know damn well that he failed in his promise to "protect" America. They know that because they saw his actions during Hurricane Katrina. After all, it is hard to paper over the callousness shown by this administration during that crisis. And Americans now know that the smoke coming from the smoldering Plame investigation was from a real fire of betrayal and criminal incompetence that had been hidden by all the happy talk about how Iraq was a nobel cause and if we just stay the course, things will magically get better.

Can Americans get over their disaffection for Bush? There are few examples of politicians reclaiming the high ground after such a disastrous landing. Bush's legacy is pretty well set and it would take a miracle for Bush to pull out of the hole he has dug for himself. As the old saying says: You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time. In order for him to regain the highground would take a catastrophe. Oh wait, that's been done already.

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The idea that George Bush could "find his way back into people's hearts" is laughable.

I suspect (with no way of proving it, obviously) that some elements of the intelligence, and/or military intel groups, are taking Bush down, as in the phrase "Watergate-style takedown". If this be true, then the only way Bush's deterioration could be reversed is if the takers-down changed their minds.

But ignoring my theory, let's say Bush isn't being entrapped, that he's really free to get back on the good side of the US voters. His ideas in this direction so far seem to be: Abolish middle-class mortgage deductions; Cut food stamps; Start a war with Iran; Start a war with Syria; More tax cuts for billionaires. Oh, and a "new" speech about "resolve" in Iraq. That's guaranteed to thrill carefully-selected corn-fed audiences all across Kansas, and set David Brooks' heart a-pitter-patter. It will put a glow in the cheek of that pig-woman in the photo from the Republican Convention, the one with the band-aid mocking the Purple Heart.

But the rest of America is starting to see that George Bush isn't going to do any better than he's already done, and to realize that he might do considerably worse. He's way more likely to do worse than better. It's like, he can't do better until he grows up, and at his age, growing up doesn't seem too likely.

Posted by: PhilK at November 2, 2005 07:00 PM

I don't think that he has any chance of rebounding until he removes Karl Rove and Dick Cheney from the Whitehouse. Their old strategy of just changing the subject is not going to work this time.

Posted by: Full Circle at November 3, 2005 05:39 AM

Wait until the housing market crashes and all those "rich", oppps I mean middle class, I mean bankrupt McMansion owners find they have been scooped up by Georges banking/credit card friends. Living on the street's not so bad when you can look up to a good and filthy rich "Christian" in The White House who still will not have put in an honest days work in his life. Look, what else do you want, he's made room for you on the street by kicking the poor into the sewer. Anger will become more rampant when the fantasy fails.

Posted by: 11 dogs at November 7, 2005 08:21 AM