November 02, 2005

Democrats Finally Ask Why

When I put together my Timeline leading to the Iraq War, it was evident that the evidence was "fixed" and that back then many in the Congress were not aware that they were voting on a lie. As I wrote in my intro in 2003:

It seems very clear that the claim Iraq was reconstituting a nuclear program was based on shaky, easily disputed evidence. This evidence was used to justify the war and tainted the vote to give Bush the authorization to go to war in October. Even then experts considered the evidence bad and those in the Congress who feel their vote was based on deception have a right to be angry.

It's been a very long time coming, but finally the Democrats are asking what happened: why was the intelligence so wrong? And finally, they have found their voice.

Kudos to Harry Reid!

Read the speech he gave before he lead the Senate into the Closed Session. (via TPM)

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The Democrats were just as complicit as Bush was in starting this terrible war. Their leadership (Clinton, Kerry and others) voted for and were beating the drums for war. It would be great to see an investigation into how Bush lied, but still--the Democrats should be raked over the coals as much as Bush should over this whole sordid mess.

As Joshua Frank wrote in Counterpunch, "The Iraq invasion isn't just about the Democrats buying into Bush's propaganda. Despite popular belief, the Dems had not been duped. The illegal invasion of Iraq was a result of a concert of bi-partisan lies that spewed from the US government over many years. The Democrats were and are just as responsible for the bloodthirsty deceptions as the Republicans."

Posted by: The Haikuist at November 2, 2005 08:29 AM