October 13, 2005

Why did Dubya pick Harriet Miers?: Another view.

Fafblog got hold of the prez and asked him:

FAFBLOG: Now, how'd you make the pick?

BUSH: I just looked around an' picked the most qualified justice I could find. There was the coffee mug, the stapler, an' Harriet Miers, and in the end I just had to go with the candidate I felt was the strongest.

FB: Wow, and that was your "World's Best President" mug, too!

BUSH: It was a tough call, let me tellya. But don't count that coffee mug out forever - it's gotta lotta smart ideas about eminent domain.

The rest of this, uh, revealing interview is here.

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Bush's deviousness at work. Create a diversion that has helped him to move attention from katrina and to the staged criticism of Harriet Meirs by right wingers. The lap dog MSM has obliged him as usual.

Posted by: thutmosis at October 13, 2005 06:40 PM