October 13, 2005

Trawling the web.

More stuff that caught our interest:

  • We don't want any of that government health care nonsense here in the USA. Nosirree. We like things just the way they are, thank you very much. [NY Times]

  • Did the Chinese invent the noodle? Or did Italians invent pasta first? The discovery of 4000-year-old noodles in China seems to answer the question rather conclusively. [BBC]

    Waiter! These noodles are a bit dry!

    Neolithic Chinese noodles [Photo: Nature/KBK Teo/E Minoux et al]

  • Given how badly Hurricane Katrina damaged the economy of the US Gulf Coast, you'd think that the feds would be handing out reconstruction contracts to companies in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, wouldn't you? Think again. Out of the first US$ 2 billion worth of reconstruction contracts, 90 percent of them went to businesses outside those three states.

    So much for using the reconstruction effort to help restart the region's economy, eh? [Washington Post]

  • The bird flu strain that's been killing Turkish turkeys is definitely the deadly H5N1 strain responsible for human deaths in Southeast Asia.

    Meanwhile, avian flu has also been confirmed among wild birds in Romania, but it's not yet known which strain is present. As a precaution, however, the European Union has banned the import of Romanian live birds and poultry products. [BBC]

  • The Security and Exchange Commission has ordered US Senate majority leader Bill Frist to turn over more personal records and documents. This apparently means that the SEC is stepping up its investigation into why Frist sold all of his and his family's stock in health care company HCA only days before the stock tanked. This follows reports earlier in the week that Frist made tens of thousands of dollars on the sale of HCA stock held by a partnership controlled by his brother. [Washington Post]

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As to health care, it seems to me, that's the governments way of balancing the budget. If the shock(and awe) of your bills doesn't kill you, perhaps the paper cuts or weight of the paper will kill you. Finally, when you give up they can cross another social security or medicare check off their list. Avian flu offers the same answer- don't do anything then blame someone else and cross off the SS checks. Simple, easy and the final solution. P.S. The gas/oil- heating/cooling problem should play out same as above. P.P.S.-- I love Ooooh Shiny.

Posted by: Cruel UnkieSam at October 14, 2005 07:29 AM