October 08, 2005

Meditations on False Christianity

Why should we worry about the beliefs of the Christian Right? In my opinion, it is because they are so wrong about what truly is moral and what is not.

According to Brad Hicks, the Republican party made a pact with the fundamentalists in 1964 in order to save the world from Communists. But, to do that, both the Republicans and the Christian Right sold their souls to the devil. And now they are responsible for taking those who follow those false teachings on a road paved straight to hell.

It took the Republicans and their faux-Christian Satanic puppets in the evangelical and fundamentalist ministries forty years to sell their lies to people, to tell their lies so often and to suppress dissent so broadly that hardly anybody left alife remembers the true Gospel. They did it to remove any hint of true Christian feeling from the American electorate if that Christian feeling would be an obstacle to a Republican majority; that's not a theory, that's a reported fact by an eyewitness and participant. But as we saw in the exit polls last month, they finally succeeded. The real reason that George Bush won that election is that for the first time since the Civil War, the Republicans are the majority party. OK, technically, they're a plurality; roughly one third of the electorate does not identify with either political party. But of the people who showed up to vote on national election day in 2004, a measurably greater number of them self-identified as Republicans than as Democrats.

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