October 07, 2005

Christmas in October

But before getting to the premature holiday portion of the post, I thought I'd share the funniest thing I heard in my first week of class, which was last week during the introducing ourselves section of the program: '... I'm getting ready to graduate. Oh, and I'm interested in poverty.'

Which is funny because, as everyone knows, liberal arts school graduates commonly go on to have fairly respectable careers. Anyway, the professors aren't taking it easy on us, so we should all be well prepared for future professional diligence. Therefore, I've only had time to keep the barest eye on the news, finding myself pleasantly surprised today to hear that so much of it is good.

First off, (oh, the schadenfreude) when you lie down with dogs they might just call you a bitch. Or something similarly disrespectful. Daryn Kagan of CNN has been dating Rush Limbaugh for quite a while, but all it's got her is being described to his radio listeners as his mistress in Georgia. Unless it's a literal reference to Kagan wearing black leather and a corset while taking the bloated drug addict for a riding crop prompted education at Mistress Daryn's Dungeon for Wayward Pundits, it's really just an insult. If it is a literal reference, then frankly, that's just TMI.

Rove's going to the chair. Not that chair, the witness chair. He'll be testifying regarding his involvement in the outing of a CIA agent, though in the meantime, he's been hiding. Heh.

Sen. Rick Santorum is polling in the 30's. Hallelujah. Normally I'd even be able to sing that hallelujah out a little bit, but my larynx has been occupied by a hostile force of invading cold virii, which took over when my immune system decided to freak out over shoveling mulch in the rain for a cover crop experiment. My larynx is completely consoled over its temporary decrease of function by the fact that Sen. Man-on-Dog is polling in the 30's.

More evidence comes out on Tom Delay wrt a very suspicious meeting. I so hope we get to see Tom "I am the federal government" Delay introduced to John "I am your federally appointed cellmate" Smith, but it's fun just to watch him squirm.

Conservatives are very, very, very bummed about Bush's decision to nominate Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. I'm sure she's going to be just as much of a wingnut as anyone could hope for, though I think I already mentioned the schadenfreude and that'll do me for now.

Republicans have decided to stand up to Bush on torture. Nine exceptionally reprehensible bottom feeders voted against the anti-torture amendment to the current military spending bill, though on the bright side, this can be hung over their heads forever.

Anyway, I think that's about as much fun as I can take for now. I'll be seeing you around.

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That's funny. I chose the title Christmas in October Continues early this morning. Great minds think alike :-)

A minor point I've been making over the last several days is that it is tough to keep up with the "bad" news. By the time one finishes writing one post there is another "breaking news" item!

Posted by: Darryl at October 7, 2005 11:29 AM

It is rather delightful to watch, innit? They're finally beginning to eat their own.

In scarier news, there's this: Bush actually claims to Palistinian Ministers that he was being directed by God to go to war. Eeep? That's really scary. No, really. I can wrap my head around the basic, garden-variety sort of evil, like invading a country to steel their oil, then sending in the VP's company to run the place. That's the low-rent sort of evil we've come to generally expect from these guys. But the idea that the guy actually thinks he's being directed by God to go to war, and he's also got a hefty arsenal of thermonuclear weapons as playthings, well, that's downright frightening. What's God telling him today?

Duck. and cover.

Posted by: Mike Begley at October 8, 2005 05:10 PM

Holy crap. 9% of Pennsylvanians (and 11% of Democrats in PA!) think Rick Santorum is too liberal! Then again, when I was growing up there (in a Jewish family), my mom met a woman who thought that Jews actually had horns.

Posted by: thehim at October 10, 2005 05:12 PM