October 05, 2005

McCain Sets Standards

Ever since the Bush administration took off on their all-consuming war on terror, they have claimed the high ground while envisorating the rule of law under which our country, our government and our military have been operating. Bush, Rummy, and the rest of the administration act like Bush has total control of the country and all our laws because he is the "commander in chief" during a war. This meant that they could decide when the United States was bound by our treaty obligations and even by the laws of our own country. According to their view, Bush could abrogate the Geneva Convention, change the Military Field Manual on Intelligence Interrogation to remove the safeguards to prisoner rights or even decide to keep detainees (even American citizens) without ever charging them. So what happens when you have the Animal House defining the "rules of acceptable behavior" in regards to the troops? Situations like Abu Ghraib.

Fortunately, the Bush administration finally is finding out that they are not the only ones who have a say in this. John McCain is pushing an amendment to set limits on what is legal during interrogations:

McCain cited a letter he received from Army Capt. Ian Fishback, who has fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. "Over 17 months he struggled to get answers from his chain of command to a basic question: What standards apply to the treatment of enemy detainees?" McCain said. "But he found no answers. . . . The Congress has a responsibility to answer this call."

The US Senate voted 90 to 9 for McCain's amendment. So what is the Bush reaction to the clear sentiment of the American people? He's threatening to veto the bill that contains any language that interfers with his ability to do anything he wants as "ruler" of our country. I wish one of our fearless journalists that follow Bush around would ask exactly who died and made Bush pope.

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Here's something I like to see: 28 retired senior military offices wrote a letter to McCain in support of his amendment.

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