October 02, 2005

'No comment' double-header.

First, there's this from a Reuters article about the return of the paramilitary Minuteman Project patrols to the Mexican border:

Heather Evans, a 25-year-old Los Angeles microbiologist, was initially uneasy about joining the patrols which she'd seen on a television news report. But when she drove three hours to the border one July weekend, her fears quickly evaporated.

"I told my family it was like an armed picnic on the border,'' said Evans, who is considering whether to buy a gun for future visits.

And then there's this from an AP story on how Dubya is trying to find a way to reverse his dramatic slide in popularity since August:

"Doing his job has always been his strongest suit," said one adviser close to the White House. "Let Bush be Bush. Let him lead. It's what Bush does in times like these."

[And believe us, it's not easy refraining from comment on a quote like that last one.]

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