September 30, 2005

Ooooooh, shiny!

'Visions of Science' is the name of a photographic competition sponsored annually in the UK by Novartis Pharmaceuticals and the Daily Telegraph. Thousands of images are examined by a panel of scientists, photographers, and photo editor, with an eye toward finding an 'attention-grabbing image that gives new insight into the world of science and the workings of nature.'

The 2005 winners have just been announced, and there are some real stunners, including the overall competition winner below.

Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper
[Image: David McCarthy]

This image of a whole peppercorn with a grain of sea salt offers a close-up glimpse of the structure of simple everyday products we use on our food.

FEI XL 20 scanning electron microscope at 5 kV. Coloured using Adobe Photoshop

Go here to see all of the 2005 winners and runners-up.

The main web page for the competition is here.

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