September 29, 2005

Another Panel On Blogging

Nora Ephron attended one of the latest panels assembled to assess the impact of blogging on our culture. What she found was bloggers don't have to do journalism, have it really easy because they can blog in their pajamas and according to the panel, are not doing anything terribly new or important.

As for Ken Lerer, he said that the Internet and the explosion of blogs isn't really new, it's just the next new thing to evolve, sort of like what happened two hundred years ago when people first started writing broadsides and pamphlets. I completely disagree with this, although I didn't raise my hand during the question period to say so for fear that I would start coughing again. But I happen to think the Internet is a cosmic, seismic, amazing change, unlike anything that's gone before. Way more than television, it's changing the culture, it's changing the way people think, it's changing the way their brains work, it's changing pretty much everything. Although it doesn't seem to have changed panel discussions.

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