September 29, 2005

Quick Notes

The Washington Post points out that Texas prosecutor Ronnie Earle has prosecuted quite a few Democrats. Hopefully this will begin making into more of the coverage of Delay taking the first few paddles up the river.

Today, the House will be voting on whether or not to kill the Endangered Species Act. If you wanted to call a representative and leave a message with them on that topic, this is pretty much the last chance.

The IAEA Board of Governors voted on whether or not to recommend that Iran's right to develop nuclear energy be reviewed and considered for referral to the UN Security Council. The Iranian government extended its thanks to Venezuela's Hugo Chavez for voting no, but will not hold India's yes vote against them as regards a deal over the proposed natural gas pipeline between the two countries.

Jim MacDonald at Making Light lays out the definitive Michael Brown smackdown after discovering that his rehiring as a FEMA contractor involved no loss of pay from his former position as head of the agency.

Dave Pollard reviews Monbiot's explanation of why many corporations want strong environmental regulations. It seems they'd like a level playing field with their competitors, which isn't actually an unreasonable demand.

The proponents of Intelligent Design have left TBogg in search of intelligent life on Earth.

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