September 24, 2005

What Is It With Bush and Veterinarians?

Yesterday's Friday afternoon White House dump included the following:

FDA Chief Resigns

...morale at the agency plummeted when Crawford indefinitely postponed nonprescription sales of emergency contraception over the objections of staff scientists who had declared the pill safe. FDA’s women’s health chief resigned in protest.

Still, Crawford’s resignation, effective immediately, was a surprise. An affable veterinarian who specialized in food safety, he was elevated by President Bush from acting commissioner to the full job in part because his experience was deemed important as the FDA tried to better safeguard the food supply against bioterrorism. Crawford gave a speech Monday in Washington during which he betrayed no sign he was planning to leave, instead discussing upcoming FDA policy on the safety of cloned beef.

Dr. Crawford was in the news last week as the the fellow who appointed Dr. Norris Alderson, a veterinarian, to head the Office of Women's Health to little fanfare but then abruptly put out a new press release that named Theresa A. Toigo as the new head while "disappearing" almost all evidence that he'd appointed someone else first.

Cookie Jill of skippy the bush kangaroo had first discovered that the FDA had more than one veterinarian on board, including rear admiral Linda Tollefson to cover another area of women's health. However as she then discovered, it all starts to make sense when you realize that Dr Crawford was himself a veterinarian.

It boggles the mind to realize to what extent Bush has gone in putting together such an outstanding team of incompetents to govern our nation. Who will take up that post next?

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