September 23, 2005

Room At The End Of The World

Antifa writes about whether Bush is back on the bottle and the room at the end of the world that he's building for each of us while he refuses to face his demons.

And she's right. It doesn't matter whether he's back at the tipple. It only matters that he's unstable, emotionally crippled and unable to think of others as much more than pieces in a board game.

Though maybe that makes him the perfect CEO president, after all. Looking at what bigtime corporate America gets up to, his damaged psyche might actually have been a recommendation to the business community. 'Hey look,' they might have said, 'this guy has neither conscience nor compassion. If we want to continue destroying the environment, healthcare, wages and government oversight, he's our boy.'

You know what the GDP means to families mourning relatives who couldn't afford to get out of New Orleans? What corporate earnings statements mean to minimum wage earners who have to beg for government assistance? What some dream of a stable oil supply means to someone whose kid came home in a body bag from the Gulf, or whose spouse was discharged to roam the house as a broken shell of their former self? Not a thing. Not one, ever loving thing.

Still, the GDP, weak earnings and the oil supply are all bigger news to the media and a more 'important' topic for politicians than Americans who are sick or living in poverty. Bush is only a symptom of the disease.

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