September 13, 2005

Bad news from New Orleans.

The system of levees protecting New Orleans has been damaged more severely than initially believed. According to the Army Corps of Engineers, miles of levees on the city's eastern lank were washed away by Hurricane Katrina's storm surge. The main task of those eastern levees was to — you guessed it — hold back storm surges.

The loss of the levees has left portions of New Orleans with little or no protection midway through the hurricane season, senior Army officials said. And rebuilding the levees will be a massive undertaking that could take years, meaning the city could be vulnerable for a long time.

"It is gone," said Col. Richard Wagenaar, the Army Corps' head engineer for the New Orleans district. "It is literally leveled in places. The power of the surge in this storm was greatly underestimated."

Via LA Times.

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