September 13, 2005

Table Thumping

If your desire for some table thumping is rocketing towards a low earth orbit, join the folks of Seattle's Drinking Liberally chapter at the Seattle Town Hall to hear Chris Mooney, who wrote The Republican War on Science. Mooney was on The Daily Show last night and he was great, so if it's at all possible, I'd recommend going. I might not be able to make it myself, (moving, more on that below,) but if enough of the rest of you go and report back it will be almost as if I had.

Also, to detour for a moment, or more, it's getting harder to come up with titles for posts. The temptation has grown increasingly strong over the last few years of Bush administration incompetence, pettiness and general cluelessness, overwhelming in the last two weeks of lethal indifference, to just title every post relating to the topic something like, "Oh. My. God.," "Gaaaaah," "Are You Kidding Me?," "Nooooooooo!," "Goddammit," "What Planet Are These People From?" and occasionally, "Who ARE These F***ing People!?" I realize that would get old pretty quick, but for mysterious reasons, the impulse persists.

For the next few days my internet access is going to be virtually nil during the move, so I'll have plenty of time to interrogate my own subconscience on this and other questions. For example, now that I'm going to be moving (I believe) in the general direction of the more likely path for Mt. Rainier's eruption flow should it decide to clear its throat, will our local FEMA flunky be able to respond quickly to restore order and services to affected areas?

Seriously, Mt. Rainier is a disturbingly active volcano and we along the northern Pacific coast are sitting along the same family of Pacific plate fault lines as coastal California. We don't get earthquakes as often, but we can get some doozies, which we're overdue for. We could even, and I know this will come as a surprise to the people of Wyoming, be targeted for a major terrorist attack. There are these things here on the coast called ports, pretty big ones in Seattle and Portland that are not unlike the ones destroyed down South, that act as gateways to trade with the rest of the world. If we get hit, they will feel it, whether they like us or not. It seems reasonable to wonder if the administration would get around to suspending our local prevailing wage, making lame excuses to cover their asses and helping people in other countries before they got around to giving a damn about us in the event of a disaster. In fact, considering that Bush won the whole Gulf Coast in the last election and still let them twist in the wind, our blue state behinds are probably out of luck.

Frankly, if something happened to the home of the nonfat double latte, the fastest response from any of this country's conservatives would probably be an interruption of their regularly scheduled denigration of women to focus specifically on blaming female disaster victims for the damage to their home cities and subsequent failure of the federal government to give a damn about them.

Other bloggers will probably continue poring over the unfolding spectacle of John Roberts' confirmation hearings and his frantic dodging of questions about the ninth amendment right to privacy, which would be the source of the Roe v. Wade ruling. Just wake me when a Democrat gets enough pluck up to ask Roberts about his involvement in Iran Contra, not that anyone with real power cares about government corruption anymore, but the least they could do would be to fake it for our peace of mind. It's the lube, guys, so could you please just pay a little tribute to our sense of civic virtue before bending it over the table?

If you think that's crass, I would remind you that Barbara Bush told a reporter last week that "so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this--this (she chuckles slightly) is working very well for them." Talk about rude, crude and socially unacceptable.

Chris Bowers thinks that Roberts can still be stopped. This is possibly the case, but my only follow up to that is to wonder if anyone better would be appointed in his place and unless the few Democrats not already planning to vote for him manage a miraculous act of political jujitsu (ha!), he's going in. There is nothing I'd more like to be proved wrong about and I wouldn't dismiss blogosphere efforts to turn the tide, but it's hard to ignore the track record in these matters.

A Democrat who isn't running for president any time in the near future will make a great and inspiring speech, really lay out a solid vision for a better country, get some praise, then be totally ignored by other Democrats with serious hot mike time. Or, in the event that those Democrats do speak up, the media will ignore them in favor of the administration's official (and perhaps anonymous) story until they give up.

As for me, maybe my general temperament and morale would be improved by meditating on the interesting possibility that intravenous vitamin C could fight cancer. Or maybe by asking more important questions, like why I seem to enjoy **** *** ****** ***** porn fiction so much. I would never have suspected that about myself previously, but there you go. Guess there really isn't any accounting for taste. ;P

Anyway, these boxes aren't going to pack themselves. I'll leave you in Mary and Magpie's capable hands and see you on the other side.

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The Seattle Times will see your satire and raise you one. This mornings edition has an op-ed piece by Randal O'Toole in which he says a better way to prepare for the New Orleans disaster would have been to...give each poor resident a car, and build an elevated freeway across the city.

No, I am not making this up. I'm beginning to think the editorial offices of the Times really should have been further from the fumes of the printers ink.

Posted by: serial catowner at September 14, 2005 07:00 AM