September 09, 2005

The Sins Of The President

Mahablog compiles a timeline resource listing several bloggers' answers to the question of 'what did they do and when did they do it.' Though even the press are sounding shrill these days.

Did the administration do a good job by their own standards?

Not so wonderful things from Boing Boing: An archive of disaster photos and a few of the Astrodome evacuation center, though media operating around NOLA are being harassed and censored so the availability of continued press photos from the area could be shaky. An Astrodome lockdown and an IM chat from the floor of the facility. FEMA's detainment camps. The cleanup and recovery efforts continue to be an orgy of incompetence. The FCC approved a low frequency emergency radio station for Astrodome evacuees, but local officials have blocked it. An eyewitness account of the Austin Convention Center by a Serbian writer who chronicled the war in Yugoslavia.

The News Blog: Our current FEMA director wasn't even a horse lawyer.

Bush has stepped up to the plate to issue the vital presidential relief measure of declaring that contractors helping with the cleanup can pay less than the prevailing wage. Navy pilots are reprimanded for airlifting stranded civilians (what, no Medal of Freedom?) After Pearl Harbor, nine investigations were launch within two days and I don't think anyone needs me to tell them that those days are long departed. Someone has trotted out an 'expert' to reassure the public about the safety and sanitation of all those alligator MREs.

But wait, no, the water really is contaminated, which must really be freaking out the private security contractors running free in New Orleans.

Billmon on the face of barbarism and the enduring horror of the stories coming out of New Orleans.

But hey, they finally cleaned up public housing in that city, courtesy of god's will. Also, this terrible human tragedy may bring revival to America by teaching a lesson to the ACLU, the feminists and the gays. And just ... oh, my god. At this point, I have to say that everytime I hear things so bone-chillingly inhumane, it genuinely shocks me when I don't snap like a NOLA floodwall from trying to process it. Who ARE these frakking people?

New Orleans died for Bush's sins

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